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Installing apps via Bluetooth on smartphone

Bluetooth can be used for a wireless communication between computer and smartphone. Notebooks mostly have an integrated bluetooth interface. With PC's, it is easiest to use a USB Bluetooth adapter. The USB Bluetooth adapter can normally be used without any additional driver installation

Before the first installation,
both devices have to be paired:
1) Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone
2) Activate visibility under your Bluetooth settings
3) Search your smartphone in the Bluetooth environment of your computer and add it. You will be asked to enter or confirm a security code on your smartphone.

Installing the DroidInstall app for downloading Bluetooth on the smartphone

DroidInstall app is a Bluetooth server which runs on smartphones and is able to receive and install Android applications (apk files) that were sent from the computer via Bluetooth. This app was developed by our team and is signed with University of Berne, Switzerland.

Download the android app for the installation on the smartphone.


Installing DroidInstall app with the aid of QR code

If you have installed QR code scanner on your smartphone, you can install the DroidInstall app directly with the aid of QR code.

You can find several QR code scanner apps (e.g. barcode scanner, QR barcode scanner and so on) under android market.





QR code for the direct download on smartphone  


Installing an application on the smartphone

The steps that have been described above only have to be taken before the use for the first time. Afterwards, only the following two steps are necessary:

1) Start the DroidInstall app on your smartphone.

The Bluetooth server is started.



2) Click on the online editor window on install <app-name> via Bluetooth on smartphone.

The Bluetooth client sends your application file to the waiting Android DroidInstall server. On the smartphone, the standard installation dialogue appears. This Java application functions without any problems on any Windows and Linux computer, but not on Mac.

The app is installed on the smartphone.